Say hello to your campaign 17 brochure sneak peek. This is where you will find all your new and exciting products that will feature in the Campaign 17 Brochure, alongside all your customer must-have favourites too! Double your earnings this christmas by taking out the brochure and exclusive gift guide. Make sure you keep an eye out for some exciting incentives to add some diamond sparkle to your Christmas when you sell from both the Gift Guide and Brochure. Skip to the other side to find your Christmas Gift Guide. Your biggest ever earnings opportunity. Our ground-breaking, premium skincare vegan range has arrived!

Your biggest earning opportunity of the year. Did you know that Christmas is the best time of year to sell fragrance? In fact, it’s our most gifted category year after year! So if you’re looking to really boost your earnings, it’s time to get excited about our newest fragrance collection. And with both a his and hers to choose from, you’re going to not only double your audience but your sales too! Grainne says. Fragrance is a huge business for me, so I love that these look just like a high-end fragrance you’d find on the high street. Plus, the scents are beautiful and last a long time.

See your sales soar with samples. Customers are more likely to buy a fragrance if they’ve had a sample to try, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on all those important samples! Grainne says. This campaign I’ll be challenging myself to sell 40 men’s fragrances and I’m encouraging you to set a personal target too! As most of my customers are women, I’ll be targeting them as gifts for loved ones, whether it’s for a special occasion or just an everyday treat. Top tip. If she already buys from our cocoa butter range, this is a great opportunity to add another product you know she’ll love. It’ll build her basket and boost your sales too! She always needs a little rest and relaxation so help her have the full experience with a pack featuring some of her favourite bath and body products in beautiful festive scents. This is an amazing way for you to earn more now, but also in the future. She may find a new product she loves and then will come back to buy again and again, so everyone’s a winner! This would make a great Christmas present for teachers, so I’ll be ordering in the pack and taking a photo of it in a cute basket surrounded by festive decorations to share on Facebook selling sites. This will bring in new customers now and also in the future when those teachers are looking to purchase 1 or more of the products again for themselves!