I’m so excited to be Guest Editor in this campaign as I’ve just hit Executive Leader – it’s a great opportunity to share my experience and tips from 5 fabulous years with Avon. Here’s my top tips if you’re new or looking to boost sales: Promote the products you love, soon your customers will love them. Share brochure everywhere – Avon has something for everyone. If it’s your first campaign hold a launch party or a Facebook Live launch to let everyone know you’re open for business.

Big news 1. The bullet that contours and sculpts in 1 easy sweep. Upgrade their matte lipstick. Remember how big the Perfectly Matte launch was? With even more pigment and a pro bullet this is set to be even bigger… These innovative bullets are a great way to attract new, younger customers and they mimic a luxury brand but aren’t megabucks. Plus, you’re getting the benefits of a liner, brush and lippie all in 1! These sample packs are perfect! I’ll hand-pick the shades I give to customers (I make a mental note of the colours mine wear) as they’re more likely to buy if they like the shade they try.

Big news 2. Avon vs premium brands… with results you’ll be proud to share. The blindfold challenge. We’ve taken the test… now it’s your turn! Get your customers excited for Matte Legend by posting your Blind Test Challenge, why not give them a sample and challenge them to post theirs too – you could offer a prize for the best one!

Big news 3. Cannabis Sativa: nature’s answer to stressed-out skin and your perfect way to attract new customers. What is cannabis sativa oil? This wonder-oil is extracted from the seed of the hemp plant, offering all sort of benefits when used in skincare. Why is it good for the skin? Cannabis sativa oil is renowned for its rejuvenating properties and is rich in skin-calming ingredients whilst balancing and hydrating. What do these products do? This complete collection of cleanser, moisturiser and body balm will help to soothe and nourish skin from head to toe. What skin type is it suitable for? This skin-loving collection is suitable for all ages, and is kind to skin – even if it’s dry and sensitive. Cannabis is a massive beauty trend right now, so let customers know all about the amazing skincare benefits! I’ll be encouraging my customers to buy all 3 by telling them about the brochure offer.