It’s great to be back as Guest Editor as my business is going well and I’m proud to be able to share that I’ve just won my division’s recent make-up competition which had 100s of entries! My must-haves for a booming business are… Get your online store open ASAP! Always have a Avon brochure on you so customers don’t have to wait. Share the instant brochure so customers have everything right at their fingertips.

Big news 1. For their longest, fullest flutter ever plus a free gift worth £15. Powerful volume with a lightweight feel. Finally a mascara that gives your customers double the volume but won’t make their lashes feel heavy and clumpy. Euphoric full flutter Avon mascara. For purely euphoric sales, show them lash feeling like no other with a social media post of your full volume and lightweight flutter.

Big news 2. The perfect weekender and free mini cross-body bag that will boost your sales. Make sure customers know how easy it is to order… simply select the product number for their chosen foundation shade, then order the rest of the kit using the pack number in Avon Brochure 8. I’m going to run a competition with this fab pair asking customers to leave reviews. It’ll boost engagement and my orders too!

Big news 3. The revolutionary new gel formula for a longer-lasting scent. Introducing the revolutionary gel fragrance. All-day supreme luxury in just one drop with Avon new Essence De Parfum formula. Download the videos showing how to use this exclusive new gel fragrance from the Learning Hub. Share them on social media and take the bottle out on your rounds so customers can see how it works and how long it lasts! Get sharing. Shout it from the rooftops! Get customers to trade in their luxury brand for Avon to see if they can tell the difference. Don’t forget this is also the perfect way to recruit new Reps!